Monitor Ambient Light
Monitor Ambient Light
Monitor Ambient Light
Monitor Ambient Light
Monitor Ambient Light
Monitor Ambient Light

Monitor Ambient Light

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Main Features:

- Widely Compatible To All Operating System

- Self-customize To Fit Your Monitor Parameter

- USB Cable & Power Adapter Are Included

- Low Working Voltage & Excellent Heat Dissipation

- Support Single & Double Input System

Provides Fully Protection

Watching TV in the dark causes the eyes to constantly adjust between a bright screen and a dark surrounding area.

Monitor Ambient Light elevates the ambient light, reducing eye strain and headaches & eyestrain which is caused by differences in picture brightness creates a beautiful bias lighting when watching TV.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Working voltage of 5V and equipped with short circuit protection and memory function. Endless benefits include waterproof, extremely low-heat, touchable, and safe for children.

The lights tape on the back comes with a strong adhesive, sufficient brightness to ensure a perfect backlight experience during the day.

Advanced Technology

Do you know what are the special parts? Our spectrum with light and colors adjusting automatically based on the ambient sound, LED lights to sync with the music.

With this function, Monitor Ambient Light is suitable to attach with any type of music, even including slow, relaxing tunes and dance music.

Simple Installation

Our Monitor Ambient Light is cuttable between every 3 chips of LED Lights. Therefore, you can cut off extra strips to adjust to a proper length.

To attach every part of the light on the backside of the monitor, simply apply 3M self-adhesive tape which can be fitted on any flat & curve surface. We ensure that our item is flexible to install anywhere you want.