LED Strip Lights
LED Strip Lights
LED Strip Lights
LED Strip Lights
LED Strip Lights
LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

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Main Features:

- Superb Right 2835/5050 SMD LED

- 50,000 Hours Long Life-span

- Ultra-bright & Low Power Consumption

- Built-in DC 12V Power Adapter

- WIFI-controlled & Adjustable Settings

Lighting Beyond Eternity

The LED Strip Lights was embedded with deftly engineered state of the art LED lights that are power efficient while making sure that no matter where you put it, it will shine brightly effortlessly!

The LED lights used were also certified and guaranteed to give you 50,000 hours of life expectancy, making sure you will never have to worry about it burning off.

Feel The Rythm

The LED Strip Lights were also built with a highly sensitive microphone that recognizes beats and rhythms given off by your monitor or desktop accurately!

The microphone then sends signals to the adapter which in turn response accordingly to the rhythm/beat to create colorful fun lights that is sure to add more fun to your living space!

Create Your Own Light

The LED Strip Lights was designed with an easy-to-cut strip to provide you the convenience to decorate your own room!

Just clip the desired length as you deem fit and fill your room with lights!

Universal Compatibility

LED Strips Lights works wonderfully with both Alexa and Google Assistant!

With this feature, you will never need to use a traditional remote control ever again as all you need is your voice to control the lights.

Feel to use phrases such as "Alexa, switch on the light strips in the living room" or "OK Google, set a timer to switch off at 9 pm" and enjoy your very own version of a smart home!